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Are you a Special?

It's in the name; Special Boyz.  Here at Special Boyz, our team of recruitment professionals pride themselves in being able to attract the most special Boyz.  Please be sure to know that being a Special cannot be taught, it is bequeathed at birth by a superior Special.  If you are a Special, Special Boyz should be your home base.  We are the most special of all the Specials.  If you have interest in joining the elite Specials, please email your resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation (must be from a Special), video of why you deserve to be part of the Special Boyz, photo evidence that your second toe is shorter than your big toe, a detailed description of who you voted for in the 2016 United States presidential election and why, along with the application fee of $25,000 to  Please note that we are currently receiving copious amounts of applications.  Your patience in our response is greatly appreciated!

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